Mazzarese Jewelry


Our Family Values

So you’ve found your way to our wonderful brand and are curious about the background of our interesting name. Mazzarese. It’s Italian, actually, and is the last name of our Roman founder Antonio Mazzarese. Himself a third-generation jeweler, his daughter Veronica, is now the fourth generation, and along with their mother, Tosca, complete the family that runs the business today. So why choose us, you ask? The simple answer is that because of our Italian heritage, we follow one of the most important Italian values; Family always comes first. And because you can always find us at our store laughing and helping someone with jewelry, you, our lovely customers, have become a part of our happy family. We pledge to treat you with the same love, kindness, and level of importance that we give to each other. So we invite you to come into our home and get to know us so that we can get to know you and talk about jewelry and the adventure in special occasions.

We pride ourselves on our community involvement and strong customer service, and that’s because we want you to know that we’re here for you. We don’t care about your budget or knowledge of proper terms. All we want is to have a conversation with you like a member of the family and help you find what you’re searching for.

Our Commitment to Superior Quality

At Mazzarese, we are always humbled when clients decide to share their special occasion with us. We hope you enjoy the beautiful collections and selections of designers that we’ve curated with you in mind. When it comes to bridal jewelry, we understand that every bride has her own unique personality and her own unique beauty that can pair only with one specific engagement ring, and we’re passionate to find that one-of-a-kind ring to make her feel more beautiful than ever. Because that’s what we strive for, to bring the beauty that’s inside every woman out to the surface for everyone to see.

As residents of the Kansas City area ourselves, we know the needs of our community and strive to provide you with top-quality brands you won’t find anywhere else. Please stop by our exquisite jewelry showroom in Leawood, KS and join our happy family. We’re so excited to meet you!