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Pearl & Bead Restringing

Pearl & Bead Restringing

Pearl necklaces and bracelets need to be refreshed every now and then. Even the strongest threads can break down over time. That’s why Mazzarese offers in-house stringing of your pearls and beaded jewelry to preserve your heirlooms.

For security and durability, it is best to restring pearl necklaces and bead jewelry at least every five years.

Cultured pearls are often strung on silk thread with a knot between each pearl. This keeps the pearls from rubbing against each other and prevents all the pearls from cascading to the floor if the necklace was to break. Silk thread is susceptible to wear and tear, especially if you wear the necklaces all the time. The fine silk can stretch and weaken, so if you see extra space between the knots that separate the pearls from each other, that could be a sign that the necklace needs to be restrung.

Trust our experts to handle your finest pearl and gemstone beads. We provide free estimates.

*Please note that pearls recently restrung will be shorter as the new cord has not been stretched.