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About Omega Watches

Luxury Watches by Omega

Founded in 1848 by Louis Brandt, the Omega luxury watch brand has been a pioneering presence with a well-deserved reputation in avant-garde watchmaking. Today, the Swiss company is still a much beloved and coveted watch brand that has enjoyed many notable distinctions and accolades over the years, making these timepieces, constructed of the finest materials, heirloom worthy collectables. 

Artistic Beauty Meets Precise Timekeeping

While the appealing pieces that make up the Omega brand call to mind distinguished luxury, style, and prowess, the inner workings of these timepieces are painstakingly designed to provide dependability, durability, and precise accuracy. In fact, the dependability and precision of these watches are what solidified the brand’s reputation as a luxury brand.

This commitment to detail has made Omega an industry leading watchmaker. They’ve been the preferred brand of organizations around the world since the early 1900s, including Britain’s Flying Corps’ combat units, the U.S. Army, and even NASA. In addition, Omega has been the official timekeeper of the Olympics since 1932 and is the current timekeeper of the America’s Cup yacht race. 

The Omega Difference

Omega’s contributions as a brand highlight the difference Omega offers in terms of groundbreaking timekeeping innovations. After all, when it comes to Olympic sports, timing accuracy is immensely important, with even a thousandth of a second being the difference between a gold or silver medal. Therefore, the precision of the brand has helped immortalize athletic feats since the early 20th century. Due to their role in keeping time for these history-making athletic accomplishments, they are now an integral part of Olympic history.

Notable Cinematic Presence

While the Omega brand has always been praised for decades due to its accuracy and precision, its style gained traction mostly thanks to the pop culture icon James Bond. Omega partnered with this long-running, beloved cinematic franchise to become the official watch of the James Bond Movies, since its first appearance in GoldenEye released in 1995. This fusion with 007 and his suave persona further established the Omega brand as a watchmaker of sophistication, style, and adventure. Omega has also been worn by noteworthy cultural icons outside this franchise as well, including JFK, Elvis, and more. Modern celebrities like Michael Phelps, Nicole Kidman, George Clooney, and Daniel Craig (the new James Bond) have also followed suit and embraced this luxury brand. 

A Pioneering, Luxury Watch Brand

Throughout the 170 years or so that Omega has been making luxury timepieces, they have successfully orchestrated countless barrier-breaking milestones as well as pioneered new materials and methods for innovative timekeeping. This has now set a new standard for other watchmakers in design, performance, and technology in timekeeping. The fine metals utilized by the brand have also set a new standard for watch making, while maintaining a high level of charisma in style that is highlighted by modern silhouettes. 

A Classic Icon Returns, Distinguished Heritage 

As part of a relaunch of a popular favorite, the Speedmaster ‘57 has been brought back once again, much to collectors’ delight. The stainless steel case is inspired by the original Speedmaster ‘57, with some modern enhancements. This watch can be purchased in a variety of dial colors, and features Broad Arrow hands and rhodium-plated hour markers, brushed bezel, comfort release system on the matching bracelet and manual-winding of the Omega Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 9906. 

Embrace Luxury and Innovation With Omega Watches

Throughout its storied history, the Omega brand has pushed the limits of precision and stylistic elegance in luxury watches. You, too, can own your own Omega branded timepiece by visiting Mazzarese Jewelry, an authorized dealer of Omega watches and notable Kansas City Jeweler. By purchasing your own Omega, you will be embracing the rich heritage of this brand and style worthy of space exploration and James Bond himself.