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About Sethi Couture

Sethi Couture Designer Jewelry

With the intention of “elevating the everyday,” sisters Pratima and Prerna, founders of Sethi Couture, set out to revolutionize the world of everyday jewelry. Being raised by parents who also happened to be purveyors of unusual and rare diamonds, it only made sense for the sisters to eventually make their way into the world of jewelry design. They were regularly surrounded by rare natural color, vintage cuts and antique diamonds served as an apprenticeship for the girls, befitting them a unique understanding of luxury brands and jewelry overall. 

Pratima and Prena’s Background

Given their experience, surrounded even as children by beautiful, sparkling gems and breathtaking diamonds, they didn’t immediately embrace their heritage in this particular art. In fact, Pratima set out a goal to earn an MBA, which she did, and then joined a luxury brand. Prerna went into the apparel industry after spending some time studying architecture. However, despite their new careers, the appeal of fine jewelry design eventually inspired them to launch their own fine jewelry collection in 2009.

The sisters explained their return to their first love, that being jewelry and fine design as follows, “Jewelry was always part of our lives, part of our culture. We grew up around incredible women who celebrated jewelry in their everyday lifestyle. But we were captivated by the deeper heritage side of jewelry, the timeless pieces that told a story with an elegant nod to the past.” 

The Launch of a Beloved Brand, Sethi Couture

Due to their desire to offer more captivating and timeless pieces, the sisters launched their jewelry collection with a series of pieces utilizing unusual and unexpected colors. Yellow, green, pink, champagne and even black diamonds and gems were incorporated into their collections, adding to the contemporary designs and classic inspirations. The brand is described as old-world charm meets contemporary glamor. Each piece is designed to work seamlessly with family heirlooms and modern jewelry alike. 

Inspirational Heritage

While the background of their parents has already been mentioned, and obviously played a large role in their eventual entrance into the world of fine jewelry, they also were inspired by architecture, craftsmanship and attention to detail displayed in India when they would visit their extended family as children. Even though the girls were raised in California, their heritage offered them a unique opportunity to explore a culture that embraced and promoted details of a bygone time through Indian architecture and design. This, in combination with their California upbringing and the abundance of nature-inspired motifs embraced within that state, can still be seen in their collections today.  

Their Indian heritage and backgrounds in design and architecture have distinctively impacted their methods of design for their jewelry collections today: “It’s all in the details. We covet the small things in architecture when traveling, the art of imperfection in the interiors of the places, the intricate elements in antique pieces, all of which tell a story.” The sisters still give this type of focus to overall design to each and every piece they create. 

Elevating Everyday Jewelry

Pratima and Prerna of Sethi Couture have embraced their background and taken it even further, creating timeless pieces that are designed to celebrate each wearer’s story and elevate the beauty of everyday life. While the pieces in their collection might look simple at first glance, the subtle intricacies embraced and highlighted by Sethi Couture elevate these seemingly everyday pieces to another level. They are also committed to helping others embrace their roots and rich history in the same ways they have and have created pieces of jewelry that evoke and enhance these connections. 

Sethi Stacks: Tell Your Story with Stacks

The Sethi stacks, where old meets new and personal rings already in a collection are paired with new items, tell the story of a person’s past, present and into their future, meaning they are cherished every day. These stackable rings are designed to enhance the connections, elevate the everyday and embrace the heritage a person proudly enjoys. Each wearer is encouraged to build their own unique stack. Sethi Couture designers explain the Sethi stacks as follows: “Designed to commemorate, celebrate and collect your stories. Whether paired with family heirlooms or your personal collection of rings, the Sethi stacking rings are where your journey takes place.”

Award Winning Jewelry Designers

In addition to the beautiful pieces created by Sethi Couture and the success they have found in the fine jewelry world, they have also been honored for their contributions in other ways, such as being highlighted by Forbes to commemorate International Women’s Day. The sisters were also highlighted in publications like Town & Country, where they were named their P.S. Collection as being the Best Mothers' Day Gift as well as being selected as the Wedding Ring for Cool People by the Strategist. If you want to experience the attention to detail or the Sethi stacks for yourself, visit our Leawood, KS jewelry store to create your own Sethi Couture stack!