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Appraisals & Insurance

Jewelry Appraisals

Our most common type of appraisal is Insurance/Replacement. A jewelry appraisal is a document that details the approximate retail replacement value of a piece and is typically required by insurance companies to insure jewelry and watches, so you can be compensated for its replacement if your jewelry were to become damaged, lost, or stolen. We recommend checking whether your homeowner's insurance policy covers your jewelry and the amount it covers. 

Mazzarese Jewelry provides complimentary insurance appraisals for items purchased both in-store and online. We also provide appraisals for items not purchased in our store. Our experienced staff has the background and training to do a professional job of evaluating the current value of your precious keepsakes.

Before your appraisal, make sure you gather any sales receipts, warranties, diamond or gemstone GIA certificates, insurance summaries, letters, or prior appraisals if you have them. These documents will allow us to provide you with the most accurate and detailed appraisal.

We recommend updating your appraisals every three to five years. Whether it's an engagement ring you wear every day or a piece you've just inherited from your grandmother's estate, we're ready to offer an appraisal for your security and peace of mind.