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About Etho Maria

Etho Maria Haute Couture

Since the label’s inception in 2008, Etho Maria has built a singular reputation for quality, originality, and impeccable craftsmanship in the intensely competitive field of haute couture jewelry. Based in Athens, Greece, the brand specializes in employing imaginative and innovative design concepts to create prestigious modern pieces that, though uniquely different, are instantly identifiable as part of the Etho Maria house style. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted in-house with the purpose of conveying the personal essence of the wearer, and destined to become an heirloom cherished by future generations. Expect to see bold and unconventional combinations of colors and materials touched with whimsical fancy in their large and growing collection of haute joaillerie including rings, bracelets, earrings, and pendants. 

The History of Etho Maria Haute Couture

This prestigious jewelry brand has its origins in the renowned Greek design house of Etho Lithos, founded by entrepreneur, businessman, designer, and jewelry connoisseur Takis Etho in 1992. The name had already become well known and respected in the world of haute joaillerie after two decades of producing distinguished collections, initially in service to one of the industry’s most successful jewelry brands, while gradually establishing itself in its own right as a world-class design firm. In 2008 the strategic decision was made to change the name of the label to Etho Maria. Brand owner Takis Etho felt the new signature better communicated the firm’s dedication to quality, originality, beauty, and eternal value.

The international recognition and acclaim that Etho Maria has attained, as well as the high demand for their haute couture jewelry, has resulted in the company opening satellite headquarters in Milan and Miami. The firm has won many coveted industry awards for their creations over the years, including most recently first place honors for Best in Diamonds Above $40,000 in the 2023 Couture Design Awards in Las Vegas. Etho Maria continues to surprise and delight their followers, releasing a new and unique, and highly anticipated, signature collection each year. 

Etho Maria Truly Stands Apart From The Rest

As one of the world’s most distinguished design houses, Etho Maria has carved out a distinctive place in haute couture jewelry circles with its dedication to its simple core philosophy of providing each and every customer with a unique and outstanding jewelry piece of genuine, timeless value, a worth that goes beyond pecuniary considerations. It starts with every single stone in a piece of Etho Maria fine jewelry being carefully hand-selected for its purity, color, and beauty by a master craftsman with years of experience in their art. Each piece is designed and meticulously assembled with painstaking care being taken at each step in the process. Nothing leaves the workroom unless it passes the most rigorous standards of quality.

Innovative contemporary design is another hallmark of an Etho Maria creation. They’ve become known for not being afraid to push the envelope of their art with unusual combinations of colors, shapes, and materials that often border on the quirky. But the end result is always a work of enchanting beauty destined to become an intimate part of the life and personal image of the wearer, something to be kept and treasured and ultimately passed on to one’s heirs. 

Available at Local Kansas City Jeweler, Mazzarese

Mazzarese Jewelry is proud to offer this outstanding collection of fine haute couture jewelry from house Etho Maria. As your premier Kansas City jeweler, we promise you will never regret your investment in one or more of these heirloom quality pieces. As always, if you require assistance in your selection, one of our highly-trained staff is always available for a personal consultation.