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About Todd Reed

Todd Reed Designer Jewelry

Highly respected as one of the jewelry industry’s leaders in ethically sourced diamonds and recycled metals, Todd Reed has revolutionized the luxury jewelry industry by challenging the boundaries previously held around the definition of exclusivity.  Todd himself was once quoted as saying I believe the best art comes from a place of both reflection and connection to people and craft.Through his creation of timeless pieces of art bespoke jewelry, Todd has successfully challenged conventional wisdom regarding traditional jewelry design and created high-end pieces to be collected, inherited, and enjoyed for generations. 

American Heritage 

Throughout Todd’s 30+ year career, he has perfected a singular and unique style that incorporates recycled and natural metals into the innovative field of fine jewelry. As a result, his designs have been featured in all sorts of publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journey, Elle Magazine, Robb Report, Town and Country, and InStyle. He is also much beloved and respected by politicians, collectors, and celebrities worldwide. 

Each and every piece of Todd Reed jewelry is hand-forged in his Boulder, Colorado studio using upcycled or ethically sourced materials and haute couture methods. He effectively utilizes a combination of modern-day metalsmithing and classic jewelry-making techniques to create the heirloom objects that have become part of his beloved collection. However, each piece is unique in both its construction and design. Todd’s intention, creative energy, and vision both spiritually and physically, are reflected in each piece. 

Raw Diamonds & Other Unconventional Materials

While the high-end jewelry industry or luxury jewelry collections are replete with many similar pieces, using indistinguishable materials for a traditional look, Todd Reed boldly revolutionized the industry by embracing raw materials, including raw, uncut diamonds. These uncut diamonds are not only immensely valuable, but they are innately beautiful and offer a different, modern concept for today’s luxury jewelry. Consequently, each of his pieces successfully transforms material that might even be considered mundane into something that is a work of art. 

It’s More Than Jewelry, It’s Storytelling Through Haute Couture Methods

Todd Reed, while considered a fantastic designer, is an artisan first and foremost. As such, he is a storyteller at heart. Through the use of reclaimed metals, unpolished, raw, rough or nontraditional diamonds, Todd breathes a individual story into each and every piece of jewelry he designs, offering it a whole new life. This unique style means that the jewelry designs by Todd can look great for everyday wear while also not being upstaged on the red carpet. This storytelling aspect and artistic element of each offering gives it a life beyond a simple piece of jewelry and creates an instant collector’s item or heirloom. He once explained his unique approach to jewelry design as follows, “I realized that my aesthetic was to create jewelry that would push the boundaries of what precious pieces could be, and to merge the freedom of artistic expression with the allure of fine jewelry.” 

Reeds Early Years, How He Got Started 

Todd Reed was born in 1973 and first began his career experimenting with leatherwork, sculpture, furniture and clothing. His work with metal was born first from his work with leather, as he made metal conchos for bags. He was then introduced to the beauty of rough diamonds via a collector and then began experimenting with making jewelry from metal using colored gemstones. His artistic eye, flair for nontraditional and quality craftsmanship only increased as he became more and more experienced in the industry.  As he began to incorporate raw diamonds into his work, his business grew even more successful. 

Importance of Using Sustainable Material, Raw Elegance

One of the most singular aspects of Todd Reed's designs that differs from others is his commitment to utilize sustainable metal. He uses raw stones to create jewelry along with sterling silver, 18K and 22K yellow gold, palladium and rose gold. He also uses untreated and naturally colored diamonds, which has become his signature throughout the years. The material he uses is always responsibly sourced, and he sticks with natural resources as well to ensure that his brand leaves a positive impact on the environment, only beautifying it, never adding to its stress. His commitment to using sustainable materials along with his commitment to philanthropic organizations and mentorship programs highlight the positive impact he is having on the world, not just the fine jewelry industry. 

Award-Winning Jewelry Design

As mentioned above, Todd’s efforts have been highlighted in numerous noteworthy publications and have been praised by many organizations and individuals. However, he has also won several design awards, including the Veranda Art of Design Award in the Personal Luxury category, the Best in Show in the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) Spectrum Awards, two years in a row, The Centurion Design Award in the Contemporary Metals Category and The JCK Jeweler’s Choice Award in the Palladium Jewelry Category.