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When it comes to wedding jewelry, most people focus on the bride’s engagement ring. It is, after all, the one that will be flashed around and admired. But men’s wedding rings are just as important and shouldn’t be an afterthought. In fact, the groom should end up with a ring he loves as much as his new wife! You’ll want to consider a few factors when selecting a wedding ring for a man. Let’s take a look at a few.

Standard Ring Widths

Wider widths don’t make a ring more manly. It’s more about matching the ring to the wearer’s finger. A thicker ring looks great on a guy with larger hands, while a thinner ring will set off narrower fingers better. And keep in mind, the larger the ring, the more it tends to cost, which may be a factor. Men’s rings are usually about six millimeters wide, but they can go up to eight millimeters or more depending on what you want. Keep in mind, however, more intricate designs will require more space.

Common Wedding Ring Metals

Wedding rings don’t just come in gold. You have a wide range of options these days and choosing between them can become confusing. Gold: You can choose white, yellow or rose gold. Most men who enjoy the more luxurious look will choose white or yellow gold, but again, it’s about your personal taste. Gold is a precious metal, so it will wear more than other metals but is classically beautiful.

Platinum: One of the more popular choices for men, platinum is long-wearing and always looks amazing. It’s easily styled and is hypoallergenic if the groom has issues with metals.

Titanium/Tungsten: These two metals are cheaper options that look good, but they can’t be resized if you lose or gain weight. They are also very good for men who work with their hands since they won’t get scratched easily.

Palladium: This elegant metal is susceptible to wear and tear, but it can be resized if necessary. It’s also a pricier metal but it stays naturally “white” in color.

Cobalt Chrome: Another long-lasting metal, cobalt chrome can also be used in wedding jewelry. It’s often mixed with other metals, serving as a beautiful background.

A combination of two or more metals is another way to enjoy your ring if you prefer to avoid a solid gold band. Adding a line of gold or silver over chrome or platinum can give that extra bling without blinding anyone.

It’s also a good idea to consider what the bride’s ring will look like and which metal she will select. Most couples prefer matching wedding bands, so the male wedding ring will tend to follow what the bride likes. That being said, if she chooses white gold, there’s nothing wrong with opting for platinum for a more wearable ring.

To choose your material, consider what the bride will choose, what looks great with your skin and what you do with your hands.

Men's Ring Styles

Do you want a plain band or something more exotic? Traditionally, male wedding rings are just polished bands, but there’s nothing saying you can’t punch up the style a little. This is another way to match wedding bands with your bride. If you both like a specific design or etching, it can be included in both rings.

A popular style that can easily be adapted to both male and female rings is a band with stones set into it. These can be any type of stone, not just traditional diamonds. The men’s ring would be wider and often with square set stones, while women’s ring designs will tend to be more delicate, with larger stones and flashier settings.

More intricate designs may also be repeated on both male and female rings, such as Celtic knots, tribal designs, and other carved or crafted images. These may be simply etched or cast, or they can be set in stones or another type of metal so they stand out more. You have endless options to choose from. There’s no rule saying your band must match the bride’s wedding ring, but if this is something you both want, do it. Take the time to go over available designs carefully and discuss them with your future bride to ensure you’re both happy.

Metal Finish

The ring you choose, whatever the metal and design, can be matte or high polish, depending on whether you want a ring to catch the light or not. There is also the hammered finish, which gives the finished product a more textured look. Not all metals work for these options, so you’ll need to check for your preferred finish.

Choosing a Men's Wedding Band

Once you’ve decided on all of these factors, you will need to ensure that this is a ring you can wear happily for the rest of your life. It’s not just something to put on at the wedding. If all goes well, you’ll have this ring on your finger for life. That’s a big commitment, so be sure that you like the ring and that it fits properly before committing to a style. Is it going to suit your lifestyle? Is it something you’re going to enjoy for years to come? These are the important questions.

A man's wedding ring may not be as big a part of the wedding planning as it should be, but you should never settle. Grooms deserve a good-looking ring that will serve them well. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for you out there.

If you’re considering your choices for a man’s wedding ring, Mazzarese has the styles you’re looking for. Check our online selection today to find the perfect ring for your nuptials.