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You have said “Yes!” You have told your friends and family you're engaged. You have let them admire your precious new piece of jewelry. Caring for your engagement ring is a simple task. almost common sense really. However, we wanted to make it easier than ever by giving you a step by step how to for keeping it in mint condition.

1. It is important to clean your ring regularly. We recommend cleaning at home once a week with a chemical-free, non-abrasive solution. This is so important because harsh chemicals can weaken the structure of the ring or even alter the color of the stone. If you are in a pinch and don’t have a recommended jewelry cleaning solution on hand you can clean your ring using a mild dish soap and warm water. You do this by filling a bowl with hot water and a dime sized amount of dish soap. Allow your ring to soak in the soapy water for 15-20 minutes before rinsing under warm water and dabbing with a lint free cloth.

2. Second to your at home cleaning treatments be sure and schedule a professional steam cleaning of your ring every 3-6 months. This will ensure your jeweler can take a look at your precious stone and make sure that the setting is still in tip-top shape. He can check to ensure the diamond is not loose and that there are not hairline cracks in the stone. 

3. Do not forget to insure your ring! We can’t stress enough how important this step is for peace of mind and protection against theft or lose. We know you can’t imagine ever misplacing your ring now, but crazier things have happened. If you were ever to lose your ring you would certainly want to be able to replace it. Another important note is to have your ring appraised ever several years as the value of precious stones and metals change and so should your coverage with the value of the ring. 

4. This recommendation goes hand-in-hand with number four. Do not remove your ring in public. When washing your hands in a public restroom it is tempting to remove your ring and slide it in your purse or set it on the sing ledge but the possibility that it might slip down the drain is too great to take the chance.

5. Last don’t put your ring through needless wear and tear. While you are at home doing chores, working on a project or ever just doing your hair, don’t wear your ring at the expense of damage from harsh chemicals, bumping it with hard materials or hairspray. Sure diamonds are an exceptionally strong material but they are not immune to damage.