Mazzarese Jewelry


There’s a lot that goes into adding a line of jewelry under the Mazzarese name. It not only represents what is the Mazzarese brand but also our family. Fine jewelry runs four generation deep in the Mazzarese family so when we commit to a brand we want to be sure it fits into our clients lives with ease, complimenting their lifestyle.

Welcoming the Sethi Couture brand into our family was an easy decision. Just like Mazzarese, it is a family owned business with a focus on enjoying life.   

The beautiful thing about fine jewelry is behind each piece lies a story, and Sethi Couture’s is quite special. Designers and sisters Pratima and Prerna Sethi began their love for jewelry at a young age. Spending days playing in their mother’s jewelry box that was filled with vintage pieces ultimately inspired their designs. The sister's personalities while not the same compliment one another,  and together they have created a timeless brand that is as unique as themselves.

Sethi Couture designs are purposefully defined with a simple philosophy of celebrating the finer things in everyday life while embodying heirloom quality that can be cherished and passed down to future generations. The sisters’ believe that their line focuses on the simplicity, yet significant, pleasures in life that enlace an old world charm with contemporary glamour.


“A simple yet significant luxury in one’s wardrobe, jewelry is meant to be effortlessly worn and celebrated, not be tucked away in a box.”-


Their collection includes rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. You may have heard of the stacking trend, layering several unique pieces to create one statement piece. Sethi stacks are famous, celebrities who wear the brand faithfully include Rachel McAdams, Minnie Driver, and Kerry Washington. Stacking allows each of us to express ourselves in a unique fashion. Choosing various metals, shapes, sizes of ring or bracelet is not only fun but a fashion trend that continues to grow in popularity.

Sethi is part of the Mazzarese family, our clientele continues to fall in love with the brand adding to their collections.