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There is a common misconception that purchasing a luxury timepiece is only for the exceedingly wealthy, the crème de la crème of society. While buying a luxury watch is not for the faint of heart, we challenge you to think about the watch buying experience differently. Buying a timepiece is more than the purchase of a new pair of shoes, a new necklace or even a vehicle. It is not a seasonal investment that goes in and out of style like this season’s red leather boots. Buying a luxury watch is buying the heirloom that you will pass down to your son when he has his first child. It is buying the timepiece you will pass down to your daughter when she gets her first big job offer. A luxury watch is an accessory that will accompany you on the day you get your first big promotion to the day you retire.

A Luxury Watch Tells a Story. It Tells Your Story.

Making a decision such as this can be paralyzing when you aren’t familiar with the terminology, aren’t sure which brands are reputable, and have a plethora of options. At Mazzarese we may be biased in saying we have the best watch selection in Kansas City, but we want you to come to that conclusion on your own. When buying a luxury watch there a few things we think you should consider before you sign on the dotted line.

Reason 1 - Luxury Watch Craftsmanship

Delicate craftsmanship dictates price point of luxury items. Watches such as Breitling or Omega are created with pristine attention to detail. It takes highly skilled watchmakers countless hours to craft these luxury watches, and the precision with which they are manufactured is evident with the finished piece. When compared to other watches of lesser value that have been massed produced in a factory, a luxury timepiece is heads above the rest.

Luxury brands invest not only in the best materials but the best craftsmen who prioritize accuracy and longevity. Companies such as these have excellent quality control standards. Whether you prefer a mechanical or quartz timepiece, a luxury designer watch will outlast a department store watch by decades.

Reason 2 - Luxury Brand Exclusivity

Reason number two is that luxury watches, because of their intricate design take longer to produce. Some luxury watches take up to two years to manufacture and therefore much fewer of them are produced. When you pick out your luxury timepiece, you can be confident that your neighbor, boss, cousins and high school buddies don’t all own the same watch as you. These watches are crafted not only with today’s styles in mind but the person who will be wearing them for years to come. They have elements that you won’t find in a watch that cost a fraction of the price.

Reason 3 - Investment Value

Although it is true that luxury timepieces are investments in the functional sense that they will last their buyers many years, they are also investments in the sense that they are composed of valuable substances which retain value over time. One need only look at gold’s meteoric rise in value over the past decade to be reminded of the potential long-term value of jewelry pieces composed of such precious metals.

Lesser quality watches, like those made of plastic or plated alloys, almost never command impressive prices in the resale market over long periods of time. The other factor in a luxury timepiece long-term investment value is in its prestigious brand name, which makes it all the more appealing to watch collectors, many of whom will gladly relieve themselves of thousands of dollars in exchange for decades-old Omega models.

Reason 4 - Emotional Value

Yes, luxury means you will spend more on your watch compared to lesser watches. However, there is something to be said for making a purchase of this magnitude. When you make a luxury watch purchase you will likely decide with much more care than if you were to trot over to your department store and buy the best looking watch you saw in the case.

Your Luxury watch decision is one made with care. Care that it suits your lifestyle, your personality and ultimately that of your family’s for future generations to have as an heirloom.