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Buying a Luxury Watch: What to Consider Before Making a Purchase

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your personal style with an attractive accessory, you might consider buying a new watch. But it shouldn’t be just any watch. If you want something you can be proud to show off for years—an accessory that’s both practical and eye-catching—luxury watches are a great choice. Not sure a luxury watch is right for you? Not sure where to start when it comes to shopping for one? Mazzarese Jewelry in Leawood, KS is here to help:

Traits That Set Luxury Watches Apart from Others

Any watch can tell you the time, and many are beautifully detailed. But these two factors alone aren’t the only details to consider. Several characteristics make luxury watches more appealing than typical timepieces. The following are the top traits to consider when shopping for a luxury watch:

Luxury Watch Components

First, as you look at watches, pay attention to the components used in different brands. These details often set luxury watches apart from the rest, as they are generally made with the highest-quality materials to last a lifetime. For example, the transparent cover over the watch face (the crystal) is made from different materials depending on the watch. Inexpensive watches usually feature mineral crystals, which scratch very easily.

On the other hand, luxury watches often feature sapphire crystals. This material is known for being scratch-resistant, so it tends to look better longer than mineral crystals. Plus, these crystals have better clarity, allowing you to see the face of the watch much more clearly.

As you shop, you should also look at the quality and appearance of the other components of the watch, including the strap and design elements. You deserve a watch with components that look nice and won’t fall apart over time.

Types of Watch Movements

There are a few types of movements to know about before you make your decision. One is a quartz movement, which means a tiny watch battery powers the mechanics of the watch. This movement is usually seen on less expensive watches.

Luxury watches, however, are more likely to feature either manual or automatic movements, both of which use mechanical gears—rather than electrical components—to power the timepiece. With manual movement, you have to wind part of the watch to keep it going, making it a less popular choice. With automatic movement on a timepiece, the watch gets power when you move your arms as you wear it. Most luxury watches feature automatic movements since you don’t have to wind them.

Luxury Watch Design & Features

Finally, think about the features you want in a watch. Most luxury watches do more than display the time. Many offer additional functions, such as a world time tool, stopwatch, calendar, alarm, and more. These functions are also referred to as watch complications, and many luxury watches have a few to offer, so consider which ones you would use before you choose.

Of course, you should also think about the design that’s right for you. Many luxury watches come in interesting colors or feature eye-catching jewels. Others are more understated, giving them a subtly elegant appearance that makes them look nice with any outfit. So think about your personal style as you shop for luxury watches.

Top Luxury Watch Brands to Consider

In general, the best luxury watch brands have been around for decades or even over a century, and they get consistently good ratings from people who are well acquainted with high-quality timepieces. Such brands include:

Omega Watches: 

This Swiss luxury watch brand has been around since 1848. Since then, Omega has released several extremely popular watch collections, such as the Speedmaster, Seamaster, De Ville, and Constellation. Several famous astronauts, presidents, and celebrities have worn Omegas watches over the years, with a few examples being John F. Kennedy, Elvis Presley, Buzz Aldrin, and Prince William.

Shinola Watches:

Shinola is one of the few luxury watch brands based in the US, as it’s located in Detroit. It’s also among the newer watch brands, having opened in 2011. But since then, it’s released several popular watch options, including a dive watch, an automatic chronograph, and several brightly colored luxury watches that have a unique, fun feel.

Frederique Constant: 

Another newer luxury watch brand is Frederique Constant, which opened in 1988 in Geneva. This brand features several sleek collections, including Ladies Automatic, Smartwatch, Classics, Yacht Timer, and more.

Alpina Watches: 

Alpina is also based in Geneva, but it’s an older brand, having been around since 1883. As such, many fans of luxury watches have been paying close attention to the innovative collections put forth by Alpina, from the Alpiner to the Seastrong options.

These are just a few of the top brands of luxury watches you should know about. We carry these and many more at our Leawood, KS showroom, so please stop by to browse our collection and ask any questions you might have!