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You've made up your mind that you want a Gucci handbag. And who blame you? Let's face it: Gucci accessories are a daring and glamorous statement item that can elevate any outfit.

However, with so many fresh models popping up as inspiration on social media, it isn't easy to choose just one. Should you go for a classic item or a hip statement piece? If you're just starting your collection, it may be wise to look for classic, well-known designs that will provide a solid return on investment over time.

In this article, we provide a handpicked collection of the most fabulous Gucci handbags, as well as the history behind them, to help you make an educated choice.

The History Behind Gucci

In 1897, Guccio Gucci, a bellhop at the Savoy Hotel, departed Florence for London. Luggage handling for wealthy clients gave him the knowledge to launch his own travel-centric leather goods company. He ultimately established his business on Florence's Via Della Vigna Nuova in 1921. Customers flocked to Guccio's items quickly, and Gucci became a phenomenon.

A trade embargo imposed on Italy by Mussolini made commodities scarce, especially leather. Guccio and his sons Aldo, Vasco, and Rodolfo used wicker, raffia, and wood for the first time instead of the traditional veal calf leather. Gucci's woven hemp cloth inspired the present double-G emblem.

As a result of scarcity, Gucci artisans came up with a proprietary process to heat and bend the bamboo to hold its form when cooled so they could create a bag handle with it. With its bamboo-handled bag, Gucci made fashion history in 1947.

Ingrid Bergman wore a Gucci variant in 1953's Viaggio in Italia, igniting Hollywood's Gucci lust. Princess Elizabeth (before she became Queen), Eleanor Roosevelt, and Elizabeth Taylor were said to have visited Gucci's Florence boutique.

By the 1950s, Gucci was dressing and adorning the rich and famous in Rome and Manhattan. Gucci established boutiques almost everywhere worth seeing during the following two decades.

What Makes Gucci Handbags Unique?

Gucci's material selection, uncommon design components, and outstanding manufacturing quality translate into high-quality items and stunning accessories with great demand, allowing the business to demand high prices while providing added value to its clients.

Gucci takes pleasure in the fact that it is created entirely in Italy. All its items are made in Prato, a town outside of Florence that serves as the brand's headquarters. Prato is well-known for its industrial zone, which specializes in high-end leather items.

You may be asking, though, the most popular designs from almost a century of handbag-making? Let's check out the following list!

The Jackie

Like the eternal charm of its namesake, The Jackie is a timeless purse. Jackie Kennedy, whose husband adored Gucci's loafer moccasins, saw a hobo-style bag in 1961 and fell in love with it. The Jackie is supposed to have been named from a paparazzi photo of Jackie Kennedy holding the bag (then known as the Fifties Constance).

After Tom Ford and Frida Giannini reinvented the traditional hobo design, Alessandro Michele, current Gucci's creative director, updated it in 2021 with an additional structure, an adjustable strap, and a piston closing.

The Diana (Bamboo-handled bag)

Princess Diana regularly walked about with a bamboo-handled Gucci purse in the late 1990s. She wore it with her biker shorts and hoodies to the gym. As previously said, bamboo-handled bags have been a Gucci staple since the brand's inception.

On Princess Diana's 60th birthday, July 1, 2021, Michele brought us The Diana Bag, a bamboo-handled bag similar to the Princess's. Michele's version of the Gucci emblem is one of his several notable interventions at the company.

The Marmont

The Gucci Marmont Collection has been a tremendous success among luxury bag lovers since its introduction. Celebrities and fashion influencers have endorsed it as an It-bag. Look around, and you will most likely see someone wearing a GG Marmont.

A Gucci buckle from the 1970s inspired the bag's design. Each bag is adorned with the GG emblem and has a casual construction. In this way, the GG Marmont appears soft but refined, making it suitable for any occasion. Alessandro Michele brought us the Marmont bags with a chain-strap crossbody. It was a purse that encapsulated everything Michele wanted to sell: the free-spirited bohemian attitude of the 1970s and the sultry elegance of the Chateau Marmont.

The Dionysus

The Dionysus, Alessandro Michele's first Gucci bag, embodies the brand's Geek Chic look. Gucci's coated canvas material is an elegant double-flap form closed with U-shaped hardware from the autumn 2015 ready-to-wear collection. Dionysus is the deity of agriculture, wine, and merriment. The Dionysus bag, like a Greek god, has been an It-bag since its debut.

The Dionysus bag was created by combining old and new Gucci aesthetics. For example, most of the bags in the series include the GG Supreme monogram canvas design with suede accents. New motifs feature intricate embroideries of birds, bees, flowers, and other Gucci trademarks.

These characteristics include an antique silver fastening, four compartments, an interior zippered compartment, suede-lined and hand-painted borders with a sliding chain strap to complete the bag's flexibility.

The Soho Disco

After Alessandra Facchinetti left Gucci in 2006, Frida Giannini launched the Soho Disco bag in 2012. A camera-style crossbody bag in pebbled calfskin leather with the interlocking double-G emblem was also included. Gucci's 1970s archives inspired the beautiful pebbled calfskin leather crossbody. Its classic elegance will be your excellent street companion from day to night.

The finishing touch? A strong leather tassel zipper pull. The bag rapidly became the perfect hands-free accessory, seen in vibrant, vivid hues on downtown youth (albeit the house presently only provides the bag in traditional colors).

The Padlock

The Padlock Bag is a bag inspired by Gucci's legendary travel trunks. The Padlock Collection includes shoulder and top handle bags as well as wallets. Whether you're a fan of the GG Supreme Canvas or the Gucci Signature Leather, there's something for everyone.

The Padlock Bag's moving chain strap allows it to be used as a shoulder or top handle bag. With dazzling gold-toned hardware, you'll always have a stunning timeless item.

The Gucci Padlock is one of the most fabulous designer bags to invest in if you're looking for a new addition to your wardrobe. This bag will not only contain your necessities but will also spice up any outfit.

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