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Designer Spotlight: John Hardy

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you are transported into an ancient Balinese city. Envision the vibrant colors or hand-dyed fabrics. Picture the baskets, mats, and furniture woven from strands of dried bamboo. Think for a moment about the lush landscape and ornate architecture. Last, imagine the people of Bali hard at work, designing and crafting the items they will sell to support their families. It is one thing to imagine it, but it is another to come face-to-face with the reincarnation of ancient Bali in the form of John Hardy’s jewelry.

John Hardy’s jewelry collections leave nothing to be desired. His collections are rich with history and beautifully designed to showcase unique gemstones and ornate designs. The simplicity of his handwoven classic chains juxtaposed with wildly beautiful essential stones creates luxury jewelry items that adorn any style. John Hardy honors authentic jewelry-making techniques of the Balinese royal courts— chain-weaving, hand-hammering precious metals, carving intricate back-grille scenes inspired by nature, and the textured jawan motif, traditionally found in the decoration of sacred objects. Each one-of-a-kind piece is imbued with meaning through powerful design and dramatic details.

One such design reflects the ancient Balinese legend of Naga, beloved protector of the island of Bali from the mountain tops by day and the depths of the surrounding ocean by night. The Balinese legend pictures Naga meeting his true love, the pearl, each night in the depths of the sea, symbolizing the absolute love. A story that is mirrored in some of the most treasured John Hardy Designs.

Each collection reflects the culturally fertile land and its people. The bamboo collection demonstrates the earth and its prosperity, giving life to the people of Bali. Each piece from the bamboo collection sold provides bamboo seedling the people of Bali, to replenish the land. The same land that John Hardy has preserved perfectly in his jewelry. Each collection, each piece, coming from the John Hardy resort in Bali, which give purpose and life to so many families on the Island.

For these reasons and much more, we are honored to display John Hardy’s extraordinary jewelry collections.