Brooke Cagle 52214

When was the last time you made a purchase for yourself? Not a necessity such as mascara, jeans or new fall boots. A real purchase. Something that you will treasure, something you could wear every day. Something you will pass down to a loved one, or hang onto forever because it has meaning.


If you are like most women, it has been awhile, or maybe never, we are taught at a young age that the man of our dreams buys the diamond of our dreams. We rely on anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays to garner the coveted jewelry we want but don’t think of purchasing for ourselves. 


This mentality has lasted for generations before us, but now things have changed.  Today women are waiting longer to get married, or have been married and are now single. They are also waiting to have children focusing on their careers first before having a family. So why the wait to purchase the jewelry they want? 


Maybe it is overwhelming? 


Walking into a high-end jewelry, store can be intimidating, but it shouldn’t be.  In this blog series, we are going to discuss why it is perfectly okay to purchase something for yourself.  We will also take you through the process of designing your own piece, what questions you should ask but also be prepared to answer and so much more. Join us over the next several months, let us lead you on this journey of becoming a confident self purchaser. 


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