Roberto Demeglio is a renowned Italian Jewelry designer, whose sense of style and design led to the creation of his unique and sophisticated jewelry designs. When he began his design firm, he gained international recognition for his diamond accented ceramic jewelry, which combines quality, technical innovation and elegance in a skillful trio rarely found in accessories.  Recognized for his unique ceramic and diamond collections, over the years Demeglio has expanded these collections to include the successful Pura Ceramic and Diamond and Gold and Diamond Collections, the Scacco Ceramic and Gold Collections, Dado Ceramic, Diamond, Precious Stones and Gold Collection, the Dama Ceramic with Precious Stones and Gold Collection, the Cashmere Collection, and the Aura Ceramic and Gold Overlay Collection, to name just a few. An engineer by background, Demeglio  transformed traditional jewelry making by engineering a new technique in jewelry crafting that includes a patented stainless steel spring coil system that has revolutionized flexibility and sizing in his jewelry. His designs easily bend, twist and flex, which enables the wearer to easily slip off bracelets and cuffs from her wrist as well as her finger. His attention to detail is also evident in the size of his cuffs that are light weight, while providing a bold look. A lifestyle brand for the sophisticated woman, his jewelry makes a classic understated statement for the woman who wants to create an unforgettable impression. Stunning stackable bracelets and ring with contrasting geometric shapes provide day-to-night luxury to complement any look. Demeglio also uses a black and white palette in many of his pieces which are accented with white, champagne, and black diamonds. He has also expanded his collections to include his Dado Men’s Ceramic and Diamond Jewelry Collection. All the gold jewelry is 18K, and the diamonds are of the finest quality. What stands Roberto Demeglio’s jewelry apart from other designers is that he is the only jewelry designer who has created a unique and exquisite collection of ceramic and diamond jewelry designs.