Designer Showcase - Armenta

Towards the end of last year, we welcomed The Armenta Collection into the Mazzarese family. Making the decision was not hard, Emily Armenta the founder, designer, and above all artist works from a level of passion that we are well acquainted with and have been for generations.

The foundation of The Armenta Collection is passion, Emily (pictured below) has a passion for her work, those who work with her and her culture.

In her own words,

                        EAHeadshotI strive to push the boundaries and attempt the unexpected.                             I believe in unleashing the creative force within. Like a painter, I explore working with and mixing many different metals and stones to create a beautiful work of art.”

A few of our favorite celebrities wearing Armenta, Kristin Wigg, Faith Hill, and Natalie Dormer on the red carpet.  One of our favorite attributes of The Armenta Collection is its versatility. Wearing a ring or bracelet with your denim but also pairing it with your favorite dress on date night. Each piece truly speaks for itself in a unique way, showcasing the passion of the brand holistically. 

  Kristen Wiig On Jimmey Kimmel 2      Natalie Dormer Hunger Games Primeire London 2013        Faith Hill Wears Armenta Bangles And Earrings 545X1024  

Photographs just don’t do this line any justice, only when you see the pieces up close do you understand how lovely the collection truly is, each detail is perfect in its own way. The mixed metals work together seamlessly making a statement of their own. 

Here are a few pieces from The Armenta Collection that we can’t resist....

   46965680 2233100570261377 5700394430104247391 N(1)                      Mazzarese 18084 ARMENTA 04 (1)                     49400120 370105580232526 9222617523026391670 N(1)                                                   The Armenta Collection is perfect for any woman no matter her age or style. There are bold pieces as well as dainty ones. Make sure you take the time to discover our new family member next time you visit our showroom, try various pieces on, having a little fun while you experience the luxurious craftsmanship of the brand.





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