Now that the holidays are over and January is here we can talk birthdays and the birthstones that represent the months of January, February, and March.  We all feel a slight let down after December, with Christmas and New Years, the celebrations come to a close then we all go back to our real worlds. However, if you are lucky enough to have a birthday during the first part of the year there is quite a bit to celebrate.


January, normally a cold month here in Kansas City is represented by the garnet. This stone is commonly known for its deep red hue, however, the garnett can come in various colors or even change colors in certain forms of light. It’s history dates back to the Egyptians and Romans using it in various ways. The garnet is thought to have healing powers, warriors over the centuries would use it as a form of protection going into battle. It's gorgeous pomegranate like color made it popular among royal families, using in their tiaras, necklaces, and beyond.


Here are a few pieces from our designers showcasing the garnet. John Hardy Jewelry has several options where gemstones can be placed in a bracelet, earring or necklace of your choice. This stunning yet classic bracelet is perfect for everyday wear.


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Lika Behar offers this bold ring that showcases the garnet in a simple setting. The garnet is known for bringing prosperity to the person wearing it especially when they do great things. Imagine yourself wearing these pieces with confidence every day, now think of what you want this year and go get it, harnessing the power of your birthstone.

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February is a short month bringing us even colder weather and sometimes dreary days. The amethyst celebrates birthdays in this month, protecting everyone who wears it from drunkenness, allowing them to think quickly with a clear focus. It has over the centuries been loved by the clergy and royal families all over the world, as the deep shade of purple is known for being regal in nature.


The amethyst is an easy stone to incorporate into your everyday jewelry wardrobe. Designers such as John Hardy, Etho Maria, and Casato showcase the stone in various ways. Incorporating gemstones into our everyday lives is so easy with these pieces.  0R9ZBdU6bwXAIre48YjsvJKCB2a6M0WbUNsSWQL1Y 5HjSnNnjgXQ8uj1R41Bfz pP71655k820auaM8sqR 38TF6tw4JwaH PkFKIIIN0D5n8DwfRpDC9MlFWfZQDFKPKO KtR3Stunning Etho Maria Earrings

Amethyst & Topaz Rings from CasatoROmelYjYDbFCfnm VsLt9Tm8USR3Vx lyrijB2GEV1o60YSXESRc9aqtRdpCEeRx8mYHKJeglEaDlgC1BqRKj yUxoMV1HqlxgnBJGCc1heKOC3QR3msdkcBberC7bLODAkTwvlB


Lastly March, oh how we love March here in Kansas City. Baseball season begins, spring break vacations take place, and March Madness with our Jayhawks. Everything gradually changes into the new season allowing us to enjoy more sunshine than the previous cold months.


If you were lucky enough to be born in the month of March, your birthstone is Aquamarine and Bloodstone. Yes, that is correct, you have two birthstones!  Aquamarine literally means “water”, this stone was used to protect sailors and guarantee a safe voyage for all passengers traveling by boat.


Bloodstone, on the other hand, is believed to have healing powers and even rumored to be created at the foot of Christ, his own blood the cause of the red flecks inside the stone.  


There are so many options from designers to customization that wearing your birthstone as a personal piece of style is easier now than ever; we encourage you to have some fun with it, wear bold pieces that you may not have considered before or create an heirloom piece to carry on for generations. The options are truly limitless.


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