Now that engagement season is “officially” winding down, we begin to gear up for wedding season. As the snow melts here in Kansas City not only do the flowers begin to bloom but so does love.  Moving closer to your special day is exciting, after all, who doesn’t love a good wedding? Looking at some of the wedding trends for this year here are a few of our favorites we want to share with all of you.


  1. Ceremonies in the Round: This is such a wonderful idea. No more stretching to see the lovely bride and groom from the last row, this allows everyone to be part of the special occasion.


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  1. Statement Wedding Cakes: We all love a good wedding cake, one could argue that it is almost as important as the dress. This new trend is truly taking our breath away and making us crave wedding cake. J92qIrciiVAYqLdLJSGhtHGQooQNaGxNcsUlVj4Wu9nQrRSA0dpeMnTtbDBAuEFpl6GDKDP6K9xEGETq7Y0Dr EPk2JEMzbndLqUfThYsYSdIFKXnDnrn4F1OfxOUJM3 GihiO9pQzZP3MvIp vsySdEcRGICKM3cbkcqxVTmLT6YIHqiPdM3N65mh7c9MglZ0jtL5mdzLsdi GNQaAB U8LkeHMdxEwYWR2f3yHpghTV2yfoVzsxK JEGBWXNI4ayq2nW4Lx7nGAkw


  1. Pear Shaped & Marquise Diamonds: They are truly making a comeback and have over the last couple of years. These stones also work perfectly with the new east to west setting trend which is placing the diamond horizontally instead of vertically. This setting style gives a refreshed modern look.

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  1. Writing Your Own Ceremony: We love the idea of making this special day your day. Changing the ceremony up is a unique way to do things your way and create a memorable experience for everyone involved.


  1. Floral Designs that Make a Statement: You can never have enough flowers. Ever. No matter what the circumstance. Therefore we believe with our entire self that the trend of statement flower pieces is one that is here to stay.  It began with Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s wedding last year and has gained momentum. Take a look for yourself.

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What are some of the wedding trends you are excited about this year? Post your comments below, we can’t wait to hear from you!


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