Todd Reed Designer Spotlight

Raw Elegance is not a phrase you hear on a regular basis. However, it is the phrase that Todd Reed uses to describe his unique, one of a kind collection.  Todd uses sustainably sourced raw and fancy-cut diamonds, along with recycled metals in various ways creating rings, earrings, necklaces and more for the individual, not the masses. His inspiration comes from various points of reference such as nature, art, and even food.  Pair this with his passion for creating sustainable jewelry and the result is simple but also perfection. ejZRr6OIVav0YGZ1tZeZuFU62jHmKzGkiRB2Jah7oWdfULglZOKJFI5czSROMQZ m6vSTSAlYNRVP0 BsS1GBYIgsWCXXLHgIg857ugcbGuAnLq4zgsoMIDwq1mvoh83Z6Lexc6V


While we don’t play favorites with the designers in our showroom Todd Reed will always have a special place in our hearts.  This line truly has something for everyone. Unique wedding bands, engagement rings, and bracelets are just the beginning. We encourage you to take a moment with us to explore the brand, there are so many pieces that will take your breath away.  The rings shown below are the perfect start to your journey, the details on each band are thought out but not too intentional. Creating your own stack is an exceptional experience, selecting each one with care, embracing your own style to have a piece that is all yours.

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These bracelets are also exquisite. The cuff bracelets are simple yet luxurious. Again notice the details on each one.  A great stylish option for our male clients, the industrial style shown below as well, it is easily worn casually or professionally, making a statement.


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Necklaces are pieces that are easy to wear every day. Todd’s vision truly is unique for each piece he creates which is showcased on both pieces shown below. The mixed metals stand out with strategically placed diamonds to complement the varied geometric shapes.


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While we are honored to have this collection in our showroom, we are even more excited to host Todd in May for a special event.  If you are curious about the collection or would like to create a piece with his input mark your calendars for Friday, May 10th and Saturday, May 11th.  You can also book your appointment now to ensure a one on one experience.


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