For some the allure of owning designer jewelry is that your choice is unique to you and your style. When you purchase a piece of designer jewelry, the hope is that no one else will have the same accessories as you. Further customizing your collection you can perfect the art of “Stacking.” By laying your rings, necklaces, and bracelets in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to you, you can become an expert stacker. When you choose to layer gold and silver or pair clear gemstones with colored gemstones, you create a signature look that is all your own.


No one understands this better than designer, Freida Rothman. We have dubbed her the Queen of Stacks because her jewelry is designed to be layered to form unique looks for the stylish wearer. “Freida upheld the family lineage in jewelry and gained a semantic affinity for the industry at a very young age.” She launched her first jewelry line in 2010 and has been exploring the depths of fashion jewelry and accessories in unexpected ways. Her jewelry is characterized not only by its ability to seamlessly mix and match but by its matte metal finishing and two-toned colored metals.


“The classic Freida Rothman woman is a sophisticated woman. She understands design, and she is someone that appreciates the design element that goes into every single piece. Within every collection, I truly believe there is something for everyone.” - Freida Rothman

Freida Rothman brings a new color into every season which makes her new pieces pop among your current stacking collection. Play with your layers and introduce some mother of pearl, turquoise or emerald green Freida Rothman into your stacking routine. Try pairing a statement ring with matte gold bangles for a feminine look, or layer black paved rings with a pendant necklace for a bolder look.



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