Let’s be honest, there is no such thing as a unique marriage proposal anymore. Excuse our bluntness, guys that doesn't mean all hope is lost. Women only expect one thing from your proposal, that it is special and meaningful to her. Our city is one of unparalleled diversity and beauty. One minute you could be standing at the foot of a national monument and the next you can be eating authentic French food that tastes like it was flown in from Paris. With all the experiences Kansas City has to offer you are sure to find a way to pop the question that she will never forget.

In case you need a little inspiration, we have compiled a list of our four favorite Kansas City engagement ideas. We would love to hear from you on your favorite Kansas City proposals. Leave your ideas in the comments section below and share your engagement story with us using the #mymazzarese on Instagram and Facebook.

  1. Outdoor Amour - We’re huge fans of outdoor marriage proposal ideas. After all, relationships are about experiences, the journey, and the adventure. If you and your partner enjoy open spaces and fresh air, consider asking her to marry you on a scenic tour of Kansas City from a private helicopter ride. This not only provides an adrenaline rush, she will remember her whole life. (and so will you!)



  1. Tour De KC - Whether you have been in Kansas City your whole lives or only a short period, there is something for everyone. For a personal proposal experience, she won’t soon forget, use her family heritage or the things she loves most in life to create a day of adventures leading up to your proposal. Take her to a favorite restaurant, park, or other areas around the city to show her that you truly know, appreciate and love her for her.

  1. Rooftop Romance - If your fiancé-to-be has lived in Kansas City her whole life and has been to almost every restaurant, museum and park give her a new perspective on the city. Imagine proposing to the women of your dreams from atop a historic Kansas City Building. There are several buildings downtown and around the city that have rooftop access. You may have to contact the building manager to plan your proposal rendezvous, but it will be more than worth the time when you see her say “Yes” with the Kansas City skyline below.


  1. Historic Day - The "City of Fountains," home of so much history and triumph. If your soon-to-be fiancé has a childlike sense of wonder and appreciation of culture and history, create a proposal that will go down in her history books. Mix the history of Kansas City with your relationship history. Put together a video or photo book sharing the succession of your relationship and give it to her at your personal favorite historical site or at a place that holds personal significance to you both.

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