Gentleman, truthfully, women don’t always say what they mean. Even if she is the kind of lady who tells you she doesn’t want you to get her anything for Valentine’s Day, she secretly hopes you surprise her anyway. Giving her a gift that doesn’t involve flowers and heart-shaped chocolates show her that she means more to you than cliché items. That is not to discount chocolates and flowers, we love them as much as the next girl, but this holiday is meant to let your love flag fly. Show her you do have a romantic side, despite what she might think.


With Valentine’s Day being less than two weeks away we thought we would share a Gift Guide for the ladies. We have put together a list of our favorite gift ideas for the holiday to show that you know her best. Whether she has a classic, minimalistic style or an eclectic flair, we have picked out our favorites that she is sure to love and cherish forever.



  1. Forever February - February is a strange and wonderful month. We are leaving behind the past year and holiday hustle bustle and ushering in spring. Whether she was born an Aquarius or not, you can still appreciate the symbolism of amethyst by giving your love one of these beautiful pieces of jewelry. Amethyst represents peace, purifying and true love. Remind her of your true love every time she wears your violet gift.




  1. Eternally Yours - If you're not ready to propose or you are already married, there is another way to demonstrate the boundless love you have for her. Gifting her with one of these stunning diamond pieces of jewelry will not only satisfy the fashionista in her but her sentimental side as well. Each article of jewelry features circles looped together, never to be separated. A subtle message that you will love her forever.







  1. Timing is Everything - There is a time for flowers, there is a time for chocolates, and there is a time for diamonds. Make Valentine's Day 2018 the time for a timepiece. Designers, Shinola, Carl F Bucherer, Omega, and Michele, create luxury watches with elegant craftsmanship and style. Giving her a sophisticated watch will show her you honor your time together and that she means the world to you.





  1. Charming Through and Through - You and she have shared many moments and memories. Immortalize your favorite memories by giving her a piece of jewelry that represents those most precious remembrances. A custom charm or initial will bring tears of joy to her eyes when she realizes you remember too.



  1. Shining sentiment - Second only to you, diamonds are a girl's best friend. The beautiful thing about diamonds is that they come in so many different shapes and sizes. Give her a gift that is anything but cliché with a unique geometric diamond pendant or elegantly trendy diamond pave hoops. You will see her eyes sparkle to match the beautiful pieces of jewelry this Valentine’s Day.



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