Having personalized items is more popular than ever. Recalling life moments such as your wedding, the birth of a child, anniversary or a favorite vacation spot is not just a framed picture on a nightstand anymore, there are so many options to immortalize those moments in today’s world. That is why last year we invited Heather B. Moore into the Mazzarese family.


Her work allows you to hold onto a moment forever, create that memory, so it is tangible in the form of a ring, bracelet, necklace or earring. Having a piece of jewelry that you can pass along for generations isn’t a trend, it is truly a gift. Knowing how overwhelming it can be to make a personalized piece for yourself or a loved one here are a few general guidelines to begin your journey.


We suggest thinking of the piece and the memory as one. Does this memory need room to grow or is it a snapshot in time? For example, will you have more children and need room to add a name, birthdate, or birthstone? A necklace allows for charms to be added over time while a ring has limited space.  

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If this is a gift for a loved one think of their personal style. Do they love bracelets over rings? Necklaces more than earrings? Do they have a delicate style or are they more fashion forward? Taking these into consideration will allow the piece or pieces to compliment their lifestyle. Layering bracelets with a child's name on each one is a perfect idea for someone who doesn’t mind wearing multiple pieces at once; it may not be a good fit for someone who prefers a more simplistic style.


It doesn’t need to be a special occasion to create something for someone special;  our final guideline is simple. Don’t wait to create. Whether its a handwritten note from your grandmother or the coordinates to your favorite place on this planet, take advantage of the moment and create a unique piece to cherish.


Having Heather B. Moore in our store means she is part of our exclusive line of high-end luxury pieces. Her craftsmanship speaks for itself, and we are excited to welcome Heather to our store on April 19, 2018. Mark your calendar, be inspired to create something that will last longer than a lifetime.


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