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“We want your charms to reflect the happiness, laughter, and achievement behind each story. As life goes on, and you have more stories to celebrate, you can add on by choosing different layouts that map out the cherished memories of your journey, wherever you find yourself in your travels. Over time, you will have an amazing collection of pieces that capture moments in time, and truly reflect who you are.”

Heather B. Moore began creating her jewelry designs in 1994. Her experience in glass blowing and metalwork gave way to her delicate and individual works of art. Each piece is hand stamped which gives her jewelry its staple handmade look and feel. Using stamps that are milled at the company’s studio in Cleveland, Ohio each piece is intricately crafted to tell the story of its future owner. The stamps are made to mimic the handwriting of a child, a personal sketch or the signature of a loved one. These highly individualized designs allow your jewelry to grow and change along with you so that years from now when you wear the same necklace or bracelet, you will have a reminder of a moment that allows you to cherish who you are.


The diversity in her line also allows the buyer to play with different combinations of sterling silver, yellow, rose, white and green gold. A simple necklace can be adorned with one of Heather B. Moore’s gemstone pendants to add significance to your personal design. From pink sapphire to lemon quartz and blue topaz there is a gemstone to match every individual's aesthetic and passion.

Heather B. Moore also features a line of sculpture pendants that are as beautiful as they are significant. While the darling Owl of Athena sculpture charm is fashionable, it also signifies wisdom and knowledge making it an extraordinary addition to any jewelry collection. The Maple Seed charm signifies love and longevity while the feather symbolizes freedom and inspiration. There is truly an individualized piece of jewelry waiting for you to create it with Heather B. Moore. Everyone has something special in his or her life to acknowledge or celebrate. When focusing on your own milestones as a theme for your jewelry, it is always beautiful.








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