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The holidays are upon us, and so is the season of gift giving. If you are like us, then giving and receiving gifts is your love language. If this is true then you probably already have an idea of what you want to give the people who mean the most to you this year. If you find that giving gifts is a challenge for you, because your wife is very particular about what she likes, or because dad always tells you to get him a gift card, then you need a little extra help coming up with ideas for your loved ones. Whichever scenario you find yourself in we want to help you take your holiday shopping list to the next level.


This holiday gift guide is perfect for helping you make a selection for everyone on your list that is sure to make their smile a little wider when they open your gift. There is an ideal mix of personalization and trendiness, and we have the perfect selection of each.



  1. Gifts for Her - The Glamor Girl

For the ultimate glamazon in your life make a selection that really sparkles. The right touch of diamonds and brilliant shining metals in a modern shape will impress the lady in your life who enjoys the finer things.


2. Gifts for Her - The Classic Beauty

Choose something with timeless elements that is sure to last her many years to come. A simply elegant watch handcrafted to last a lifetime is the perfect gift for the woman in your life who celebrates traditional beauty.

3. Gifts for Her - Miss Sentimental

A woman with a sentimental side truly appreciates the personalized pieces. A uniquely beautiful custom piece of jewelry by Sarah Graham or Heather B. Moore will make her eyes sparkle and impress her fashionista side as well.


4. Gifts for Him - The Craftsman

He is rugged and refined. The craftsman chooses pieces for himself that are made with care and precision. Pick a piece for the craftsman in your life that represents his attention to detail with a well made design and leather or raw details.


5. Gifts for Him - The Urbanite

Your city dwelling man spends a large portion of his life in a suit. Give him a gift that breaks the tedium and spices up his daily wardrobe while still fitting seamlessly into his refined lifestyle. Choose something with a touch of prestige and a lot of quality.


6. Gifts for Him - Old Soul

For a man with a softer side find a gift that tells a story. A gift he will cherish reminds him of a milestone in his life, something you shared with him. Pick a custom or unique piece of jewelry that represents who he is today.